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The last time we did this (FLIPPme) sold over 8000 units, made over 6 figures in revenue and became the 2nd biggest & easiest seller on W+ of all time….

FLIPPme is Still Making our Affiliates Money Daily 6 Months after Launch!


Yep… It may be $7 but we’re not skimping on quality or value. And with one of our most tempting ‘Value driven’ funnels to date… You can expect more sales than you can shake a stick at, as well as eye watering EPCs

Are you ready to begin the year with the easiest sales commissions on the planet?

  • Instant access to Hookum Members area
  • Access to our Facebook Mastermind group
  • Hookum Blueprint PDF (45 pages )
  • Hookum 'Native Ad' Content Structure PDF (16 Pages)
  • 47 Minute Video (Contains Traffic Details)
  • Case Study PDF (16 Pages)

And all for $7...