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AFFILIATE INCOME without Promoting Affiliate Products


ZERO THEORY: BLOX is my (Mark’s) own affiliate income system… Designed to enable anyone to profit from affiliate offers without actually promoting specific products... I personally do this over and over, so rest assured BLOX comes complete with a ton of proof.



BLOX works on many ‘Subtle & Practical’ levels… & it’s Easy…
Apart from the initial ‘pretty standard’ WordPress Set-Up (Training Included), there is No Tech…

No Experience is required either… And yes, following this training (and applying it) will generate affiliate income in days – Even For the Greenest Newbie


1 Method... Multiple Results 

Your subscribers will love BLOX because rather than being another one of those ‘Same As’ how to make $100 a day, might work if you’re lucky kind of deals…

BLOX is REAL, I (Mark) developed this system for myself with an aim of achieving more than a quick buck.

Users can expect to…

  1. Make money (affiliate commission) in the short term (Full System Included)
  2. Build Authority & Engagement
  3. Rank organically (In Time), without doing anything other than posting: Google, Bing, Yahoo
  4. Make money passively on an evergreen basis via cross promotion and organic





BLOX works on several levels by adopting a multi-level approach… I.e everything flows through one blog…The Blog becomes the HUB

Carrot & Stick… The system is designed to enable users to profit from any affiliate product they wish without promoting any specific affiliate product… it works like this.

Step 1. The user pre-sells a product they control / have access to (training included)… this element remains evergreen, which means it can be used over and over to generate more and more affiliate commission from any product.

Step 2. Traffic from Pre-Sell post is filtered through a ‘Trade-Off’ page… Resulting in more commission and higher conversions.

Compounding: Following the system on a regular basis has a knock on effect leading to natural (WH) search engine placement.